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Definition: We use ‘used to do’ when we talk about something that was often repeated in the past. That no longer happen now.


!!! It was an old habit. You don’t do it anymore.

used to + verb

I used to play football. (That means I don’t play football anymore.)

I used to live in America. (That means I don’t live in America anymore.)

Negative sentences

I didn’t use to be rich. (That means now I am rich:)

I didn’t use to play underwater rugby when I was a little kid. (That means now I play Underwater Rugby.)

Important: The negative form of ‘used to’ is ‘didn’t use to’, and the question form is ‘Did you use to…’



Description: We use ‘get used to doing’ when we talk about the process of something becoming familiar. It is something strange or difficult in the beginning but you are getting used to it.



Susan used to live in a small village. But, now she lives in a big city.It was really difficult for her in the beginning but she got used to the traffic in the morning.

It took me a while but I got used to having Italian style breakfast. (croissant and cappuccino).

Negative Sentences

I can’t get used to going to bed early.

I can’t get used to running faster.



Definition: We use ‘be used to doing’ when we talk about present habits.

I am used to doing Pilates three times a week. (similar to ‘I do Pilates three times a week.’)

I am used to working hard. (similar to ‘I work hard.’)


Negative Sentences:

I am not used to cooking at home. (similar to ‘I don’t cook at home’)

I‘m not used to receiving lots of calls during the day. (similar to ‘I don’t receive a lot of calls during the day.’)



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