The Power of Memory Tricks

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imgresI would like to show you today the power of memory tricks. If you learn tricks or short-cut ways to do things, it makes it so much easier to memorize lots of new vocabulary in English. It makes your memory look even better than it is now.

Think of a good magician who does tricks. When you watch them carefully and try to figure out how they cut someone in half and put him back together, you can’t really figure out how they did it, and your mouth drops open. You just go “wow”. If you find out how they do the trick, it doesn’t look so special anymore because the magic is gone.

I don’t know how much you love Maths. But, it has always been in my great interest. So, my love for Maths help me discover a lot of tricks. Tricks that make it easier.

If I ask you to to this problem 25². May be you will go “Oh girl you don’t know how bad I am at calculating”. When you have two-digit number that ends in five and you want to square it or multiply it by itself, all you have to do is one simple thing. Look at the first number, in this case it is 2, multiply it by one more than that so (2+1) * 2= 6 , and then you do one more thing stick the number 25 on the end. 25²= 625. You are done! That’s it!

So if I give you 65² (sixty-five squared). You must do it this way (6+1)*6=42

65² = 4225. And, that’s it! That simple! You can go to some people now and ask them to write down two digit number ends with 5 like 25 45 75 etc, and you square them without telling them the trick and this will really blow their mind and they will go “Wow”! Because by the time they finish writing the problem, you should already know the answer while they haven’t even started to figure it out yet!
Another trick that you can apply to numbers even more fun than the other one is 62*11
6+2=8 so it’s 682. You don’t even multiply anything, and that is the multiplication problem. So 54*11 (fifty-four times eleven) =594. Five plus four, so it’s five ninety four.

I would like to teach you some tricks to help you memorize new vocabulary easily.

Mental Pictures!
One of the best memory tricks you can have is learning how to close your eyes and getting a picture of something so that it sticks into your brain and you remember it. IF the pictures are really stupid and bizarre, you remember them better!

Rhyming is a kind if playing on words, other words that sounds similar to be able to see things in picture form.

I am just going to give you an example, and let’s try to learn it together.
Let’s try to memorize some new vocabulary together.
Ergophobia : means an irrational fear of work

If you imagine a lazy woman and think of “her go home she no like work”. May be it sounds so stupid but the more stupid it is the more you tend to remember it.
It really works! Try it out whenever you memorize something in English. It might not work for everybody equally but it really helps everything click better in your mind.

Honestly, I have never had a good relationship with Geography. So every time I had to memorize locations I used the “Memory Trick” method which made it way easier.
Let’s think of the states and the regions in America. One way to memorize better is to create other words or sentences that help you remember things.
Could you count the states in the Rocky Mountain Region? There are six states in this region. If I give you the names, you might forget them. But, if I teach you the trick, you will remember for ever. Let’s write the first letters of the states in Rocky Mountain Region which are MWCIUN. Well, remember this sentence, ‘I usually make wonderful mini chicken nuggets‘.

I (Idaho)

Usually (Utah)

Make (Montana)

Wonderful (Wyoming)

Chicken (Colorado)

Nuggets (Nevada)

Your English Teacher and Life Mentor Sevi

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