Marilena Balzaretti

//Marilena Balzaretti

I was stuck with my working routine without incentives and excitement and I decided to look for a coach that can help me to improve  my skills and give me some challenges.

A friend of mine told me about Sevi’s School and I decided to begin the path of one on one language coaching.

I studied English for years during school time. I have grammar basis and medium fluency. But, this was the first time I am taking one-to-one coaching and I am amazed.

Within a couple of months Sevi was able to help me master conversations and boost my vocabulary. I got fluent and I am more conscious about my pronunciation.

If I should drive someone to study with Sevi, I will for sure tell you that when you stand out with your pronunciation speaking in English, it will be funnier and more joyful.

Don’t forget that Sevi is also a life coach, so while improving your language skills you can also gain confidence and, as she says, Rock and Shine!

Marilena Balzaretti

Executive AdministratorTravel Agency, Lugano