Sevi’s Fancy New York Cheesecake Baking Party

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I am sure you have been to many great parties, but have you been to an English Cheesecake Party before?

If you are my student, one thing you know about me is that  I do not like cooking! The reason I don’t like cooking is not that I am hopeless at cooking, but I like being served.

Having a cleaner in the house doesn’t mean that you are messy.

I have participated in a lot of cooking and baking courses even here in Como area. I am not interested in becoming a professional pastry chef. I just want to be a better baker and cook. I also want to learn to make cakes and pastries that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.

The best baking course I have attended was in Hilton. Our chef shared his passion for bakery and chocolate and shared his tips on making a basic ganache and chocolate desserts, custards, tarts, laminated doughs.

We baked all kinds of cakes in pastry school, including different shapes and sizes.

I would like to share some important tips with you,

♡ Remove the crumbs from the cakes after they are cooled

☆ If you want to make the icing on a cake perfectly smooth, dip the case knife in very hot water before smoothing.



Everybody knows how to make a cheesecake but not everybody is good at making New York cheesecake.

It’s common to overbake cheesecake because, while it might look underdone, it is actually done when the center is still wobbly. Cheesecake is a custard at heart. It’s delicate, so you want to bake it slowly and evenly without browning the top.

I’m excited to announce, in response to the many requests I’ve received to make a New York Cheesecake Making Party

If you have a sweet tooth, and can eat two slices at one go, this 1.5 hour cooking class will be perfect for you!


I will teach you:

All the tips about making cheesecake which I learnt from my Chef Timothy Koch in Hilton Baking Course

Here are some questions and answers which will help you know more about the course…

☼ What will I learn at the end of the event?

You will learn how to make a real cheesecake, and it’s all in ENGLISH!

You will improve your baking vocabulary, verbs, and phrasal verbs.

You’ll have a chance to practice your English and share your know-how on baking with other participants.


☼ What level of English do you require?

All levels of English will be OK for this Sevi’s Fancy New York Cheesecake Baking Course


☼ Can I get a certificate for the Sevi’s New York Cheesecake Course?
Yes, I will provide a certificate of participation for Sevi’s New York Cheesecake Course.


☼ Do I need to have experience to attend classes at Sevi’s New York Cheesecake Course?
You don’t have to know anything about making New York Cheesecake. I will teach you everything step by step and all in English


☼ Is Sevi’s New York Cheesecake Course hands on or is it a demonstration?
It’s definitely  hands-on and consist of between 8 – 14 students. This means that there is plenty of opportunity to get involved and make your New York Cheesecake rather than merely watching a demonstration.


☼ Will I get a copy of the Sevi’s Fancy New York Recipe made in the class?
Yes each attendee will receive a recipe booklet at the beginning of the class.


☼ Do I need to bring anything with me to class?
Your English Teacher Sevi will supply an apron, so all you need to bring is your enthusiasm and taste buds.


☼Is there parking close to Sevi’s School?
Yes. There is all day parking behind my house in front of Montorfano Comune and it’s all free!


☼ Will I be able to take home some of the goodies that I make during the course?
Yes. This is the best part of the course. You will package your cheesecake slices to take home and share it with your family or love.

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