Set The Pace For The Coming Year

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imgres-1“Set the pace for the coming year”.

Are you waiting for unexpected blessings this year? I do.


Are you stuck today where you are?

Do you feel that you can’t accomplish your dream?

Is it difficult to overcome your present problems?

Do you believe that you miss out the opportunities coming through your life?

Back up, back up! This is not you, change the channel to another one, the one that will help you get to a level you wish to be on.

Do not give up on your dreams whatever is your situation now.

It’s a new year, a new day, dreams are shifted, pursue it again. It will propel you forward. Get ready to ramp up this year. Do something different than last year. Have a splash. Be a model for other people. Feel that you are here on this planet for a reason. And, your mission is to get out from your comfort zone, and add something new to your unique ability this year.

If you focus on and believe deeply in, there will come time that you will prosper your dreams. What may take you years to accomplish can just maneuver you to the right course, and happen in split second.

We need to learn how to shift the gear, and exhilarate when it is high time!

It’s a bit uncomfortable in the beginning. You are not in your comfort zone anymore. You need to work hard on what you believe. The things will only start changing when you have the deep believe on the inside. You will see doors after doors opening widely. But, all happens only because you are increasing your capacity, and effectiveness. I used to sleep until 8 am in the past years, but now I wake up at 6am. Because I know that I have a message to bring out there. I wake up with a mission every morning to bring my students to a higher level, help them improve their English, and gain self confidence in public speaking. When you like what you do, you will always have an aim to get better and better at what you do. What is your triggering reason to get out of your warm bed in the morning? Write down them all on a piece of paper and stick it somewhere you can see it every morning when you wake up.

We feed our body, but we forget to feed our spirit.

We are all very busy in our lives. Some of you have children to feed, or a house to orchestrate, a table to lay. I boldly suggest that you stop for a while and pay attention to your spirit inside of you.

Feel the compassion welling up in you.

Just be aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit on the inside. This is the divine flow of love, passion and will. It’s a ripple effect that you will have if you can flow your Holy Spirit out to other people. It sounds so nice to be surrounded by spiritual beauty, doesn’t it? I believe that I have something many people do not have. I have the Holy Spirit in me. I am asking you now do you have the Holy Spirit on the inside? If you feel the same, please don’t keep it inside you, but flow it out.
When you put your clothes on in the morning, don’t forget to put your spiritual clothes on. Our spiritual clothes are more important than everything. They effect our entire life.

Let’s have an aim together to make this 2013 different than last year. Let’s shift to a higher gear. I am completely ready. Are you ready, too?

Sevi, your English Teacher and Life Mentor


a pace (n): quickness, movement

a blessing (n): benediction, favor

to miss out (v): to lose an opportunity

to propel (v): to move

to ramp up (v): to increase (something) to a new value

a splash (n): burst

unique ability (noun phrase): unequaled / matchless ability

to maneuver (v): to steer

a course (n): a path, line, road

a split second (idiom): a half second, very short time, blink of an eye, nick of time

to shift the gear (idiom): Change the position of the gears to make a vehicle go faster or more slowly

to exhilarate (v): to lift, to enliven

a comfort zone (noun phrase): a situation that you feel happy and confident in. You are very relaxed in there.

to orchestrate (v): to manageto well up (v): to rise up

a ripple effect (noun phrase): If an event or action has a ripple effect, it causes several other events to happen one after the other.

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