Make Your Life Juicy

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IMG_1487“Make Your Life Juicy”

There are a lot of people today who hardly ever smile. They go around with a long face, such a bad report. Everything is a burden for them. Life is too short to live it grouchy. We need to live our life with a smile on our face whatever is the condition. We need to have a spring in our steps.

Do not allow the pressure of life to push you down.

If you are not happy where you are, you will never get to where you want to be. All the frustration and the negative energy you have will not allow you to receive the blessings of the life. Don’t fall into self pity or complaint, but just consider it as a temporary condition. And, keep imagining yourself where you want to be. Just go out every day with a big smile on your face.

Make your smile contaguous so that other people can catch the virus of the happiness from you.

Many people today are not satisfied with their life. They don’t like their look, the car they drive, or the house they live in. I hear them often say that as soon as they find another work, they will be happy.

If you don’t change your mind now, and decide to be happy, there will always be something that will keep you from being happy. You will find a work you would like, but then there will be another thing that you will be dissatisfied with. Let’s get rid of the excuses and enjoy our life.

Let’s get connected with our soul mates, family and friends.

Let’s invent something to celebrate our each single day. How abundant our lives can be if we only make up our minds and be grateful for everything we have. Then, our life will be more vibrant, yummy and juicy.

I have been in a place of feeling lost, with no hope, no positive sign, but I have learnt how to create a life with full of joy and blessings. It’s all about making a decision to be happy!

Once you decide to make your life juicy, you will see the power of your decision that will lead you to the happiness.

Start taking the joyful mind vitamins now, and see the blessings and abundant life in few days!

Sevi, Your English Teacher and Mentor


a burden (noun): a concern, difficulty
grouchy (adjective): people who complain a lot about everything
self-pity: a feeling sorry for oneself
to get rid of (verb): to free yourself from something
to make up our minds (verb): to make a decision
juicy ( adjective): exciting, interesting

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