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1. In which word the “w” pronunciation is in different position?


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2. Find the word in which “r” is in different position.

“Around the rugged rock, the ragged rascal ran.”


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3. Read the following words out loud.

car                          airplane                         sister                  horse

chair                       morning                         water                  church

farm                        star                                father                 girl

barn                        party                              mother               yard

door                        work                               paper                birthday


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4. In which word there is no“w” sound?


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5. Read the following sentence out loud.

This train and its trucks are trapped by a tree-trunk across the track.

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Say the following sentence, paying attention to the sounds.

Wise women don’t walk in the woods while wolves wander.

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7. In which word “r” sound is the strongest letter in the word?


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8. Which one is different than other words?


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9. In which word “w” is in different position?


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10. In which word the position of the “r” sound is different than others?


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