Lesson 5 – Grammar

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I’m not sure if it’s going to rain. 

Which of the following sentences is closer to the meaning of the statement above?


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2. A: Could I use your phone ma’am?

B: Of course, you ……….. . Here you are.


Which of the following modal verbs is wrong?


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imgresWhat does the sign say?


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Mark…………… be in the office tomorrow. He thinks he’s getting a cold.


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Which is closer to the meaning of the sentence

‘Sarah was able to leave work early yesterday’?


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How can you work with all this noise?

I ……………………………..work in such conditions.


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7. Which is closer to the meaning of the sentence

‘Years ago I could run a marathon’?



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I don’t know if we’ll see an elephant.

What does the sentence above mean?


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9. ……. I ask you a personal question?

Which of the following options is not possible?


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Which of these sentences is correct?

a) I was ill, so I couldn’t go to the party.

b) I was ill, so I wasn’t able to go to the party.




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