Lesson 4 -Pronunciation

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1. Find the odd “sh” sound.


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2. Find the odd “sh” sound.


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3. In which word the ending sound is different?


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4. Read the paragraph and practice the “sh” sound

Richard: Do you have any change for the washing machine? My wife, Sharon, is visiting her parents in Michigan. I’m watching the children and doing the chores.

Tom: Watch out! Don’t put bleach on those shirts. You’ll wash out the color.

Richard: Will you teach me how to wash clothes?

Tom: Be sure to wash white shirts separately. Don’t use too much soap.

Richard: I wish Sharon would return. It’s more natural for a woman to wash and shop.

Tom: You sound like a chauvinist! I don’t mind doing chores. I’m great in the kitchen, too! Richard: Would you like to take charge? I’ll cheerfully pay you cash.

Tom: Listen, old chap, I’m a bachelor and too old to chase after children. I’m in a rush. It’s been nice chatting with you, Richard.

Richard: Sure, nice chatting with you, too, Tom

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5. Which “sh” is pronounced differently?


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6. In which word the position of unvoiced “sh” sound is different?


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7. Find the odd one out.


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8. This exercise is really tough.

Which sound below is pronounced differently from the underlined sound above?


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9. Which one is pronounced with unvoiced “sh” sound?


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10. In which “sh” unvoiced sound the position of the unvoiced “sh” is different?


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