Lesson 3 – Pronunciation

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1. In which word the position of “th” sound is different?


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2. Fill in the gaps.

——- no business like show business.


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3. Read the following sentences

All the students saw the three men and applauded.

The new manager really liked his new theme.

Geoffrey saw the path and took it.

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4. Find the odd one out.


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5. Which “th” sound is different?


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6. Find the odd one out among the underlined words.

  • He thanked the wealthy author on Thursday for the third time.


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7. Find the word in which “th” sound is unvoiced as in “think”.



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8. Practice the following rhyme reading it out loud.

Pronunciation is rather fun if you try another technique think about the person you are talking with although you are pretending this method will make your speaking more smooth That’s all for now.

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9. Which “th” sound is different than the others?


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10. which “th” sound is different?


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