Key to Prosperity and Abundant Life

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© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationWe are living in crazy times today. Things are starting to change, and they are changing faster than before. Nothing is slowing down but speeding up. What we have to learn today is calm down, and look at our life and world more objectively. We must quit competing with each other, but start cooperating.

I very often hear people ask “How can you keep being positive Sevi?”. The answer is  I am truly aligned with myself, with my belief in God and I know what I really want. Clarity is a key to success!!!

There is a formula that I follow “Ask, believe and receive”.

Would you like to have a better life. If YES, get a piece of paper and get ready!

Please, I am serious! Do it now if you want to change your life!!!

Are you ready? Switch off you mobile and check if you have your pen and paper ready on the table.

Please don’t start reading my article if you don’t have a piece of paper and pen. I want you to step up and change your life.

Right now, sit down on your chair, and start jotting down how you would like to see the things that you don’t like in your life. If you don’t like your car, write down about the car you would like to have. It’s important that you don’t write what you don’t like. What you want to focus on is the opposite of irritation list. This will be the list of what is going to be the outcome you want. Then, hire somebody or bring a friend over. Clear the clutter in your house and get rid of everything you do not like or fix everything that is broken. You may say now, “But Sevi, I would like to change my car, my work, why should I clear the clutter in my house or fix the broken things?”. Because when you don’t fix the broken things, you settle for it. When you settle consistently, you develop a habit of settling for what you don’t want. Most people go through life in resignation. They resigned themselves to not having it the way they want it.

The next step is to make a list of things you would like to achieve before you die. Setting goals will help you have an objective in life. You are directionless without goals. Do not forget that people without goals get used my other people who have them! People who don’t have goals work for people who do. So, you would like to be someone who picks up and gets clear about what you want.

Make a list of 60 things you would like to achieve in your life now. Write down what you want to experience, bungee jumping, go to China, buy a yacht , meet a famous actor/actress, etc…

Now, it’s time to focus on vision exercise.

The first vision is the finance. How much money would you like to make? Write down how much money you would like to make in this year.

Number two is career. What goals do you want in your career? Where would you like to be? A manager? CEO? Opening up your business? Getting a promotion? Being the best speaker? Speaking fluent English and attracting more people with your skills?

The third area is relationship. Most people have goals for job and for money. How about your relationship with your spouse, your friends? Would you like to heal your relationship with people who you have hard time with? How many vacation days would you like to take? If you want to double your time off make that a goal.

The next step is Personal Growth. How much time and money do you invest in yourself? Do you read books which enlighten you and bring you forward in your life? Do you have a mentor who is putting a light in front of you? Do you spare some time to work on your strategies and goals?

And, the next is contribution. What contribution do you want to make to the world? Contribution is very important because people think that when they have the best car, live in the best house will make them happy. But, when you help other people, and see the happiness in their eyes will make you feel aligned with your heart and help you find the balance. Pure joy comes from giving.

Lastly, how badly you want what you want now. When do you want it? Be specific and clear with your goals. If you would like to change you job, when would you like that happens? It may be to lose some weight or run a marathon. Write that you will lose 5 kg this month. Get specific as you can. If you are clear about what it is you want, the how will show up. You don’t have to know the how! You just need to be clear about what it is you want. It’s not important to see the whole way, but just be specific and clear about what you want.

Live your life with an open heart. Allow yourself to align with values, tolerance, acceptance. Feeling more connected and more alive comes from spirituality. If you want to have richer and more fulfilling life, spirituality is a must.