Keeping Your Joy

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This year’s first article will be about “Keeping Your Joy”.

Can you see how the secret of joy is sprinkled all over your life?

And let me tell you something, nobody can steal your joy as long as you keep it tight!
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have millions reasons to smile.

Just imagine yourself at home all alone, and all of a sudden you remember a tender moment with somebody you love. It could have been years ago, but it will put a smile to your face. You will start feeling the same emotions just like it was happening again.
On the other hand, you can be enjoying the day, then all at once you start to remember a sad event, the one hurts you. Before long you will be down and discouraged. So, dwelling on bad memories instead of happy memories will make you feel sad.
Our minds are likely to remember bad memories instead of good ones. 

When you do something successful and receive a lot of compliments on your success, you will feel great. But, among all people who cheer you up if one person says something negative, that will be enough to dim your energy and put you down.
When the negative thoughts and memories come to your mind, just find at least one thing positive about it and you will see how it will change.

Be the remote control of your life, and change the channel when you remember something bad. 

The first time you do that, it might be difficult. But, if you do it over and over, you will see how you will learn to ignore the negative memories and start smiling at good memories in your life.
Never lose your joy!
If you had lost some money, just remember how much you made later on. If your husband / wife / love upsets you, instead of weeping, remember some happy moments that you had together. You will see how the atmosphere will change once you are able to change the channel. Just like a TV. If you don’t like the channel you watch, what do you do? You switch over to another channel. So, please do the same with your mood. If you remember something that upsets you, just try to remember the one will make you smile. If you keep the bad memories in your brain, they will take up the most space in.

Quit focusing on negative memories, and start focusing on great memories that can put a smile upon your face.

The negative memories are the enemies inside you. Every time you remember them, they pull you down and make you feel sad.

Feed your brain with healthy and positive memories. 

I remember my mum was so down when my grandma went to be with the Lord in heaven. My grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She couldn’t remember my mum’s name. I can imagine what can it mean for a daughter not to be remembered by her mom. But, then instead of dwelling on bad memories, she learned how to focus on good memories that they had together. She stopped living in bad memories and getting discouraged. She started to remember all the great memories with her, some good times that they laughed and had fun.
If you continue to remember bad memories instead of good ones, you will never be able to hatch out of  your haunted bad feelings.

Are you ready to build great memories in 2013?
I wish you all Happy 2013.
Let’s have a big smile on our faces and welcome 2013. If you can’t make it, fake it. Then you will make it! 🙂

Sevi, your English Teacher and Life Mentor


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to sprinkle: to spread

to dwell on: to continue to think about someone

to cheer you up: to enliven you

to dim: to shrink

to put you down: to make you upset

to switch over to: to change

mood: mental or emotional state

to quit: to stop

to pull you down: to destroy

to hatch out of: to emerge from

haunted: obsessed

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