If Clauses Type 1-2

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If Clause

1- If you give a Cheesecake party, who _________ invite?
2-If I ________ a better job, I would live in the city center.
3- If the beggar _______ for money, please don't give him any.
4- If Gabriele didn't live in Como area, he _______ live in Rome.
5-If it doesn't rain, Giovanni _______ ride his motorbike on the weekend.
6- If Valentina didn't work in the ice-cream shop on Saturdays, she _______ spend her day on fancy shoe shopping.
7- If Manuela _______ on business trip, she will stay in luxurious hotel.
8- If it were winter now, Roberto _______ go snowboarding.
9 If Alessandro parked his car in residential area, the traffic warden _________ fine him.
10 If I find her mail address, I _______ send her an invitation.

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