Fresh start in the Morning

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IMG_1945We all have 24 hours a day. Some people are really very fruitful and they use their time in a productive way while some people just mess it up. There is one thing about time is that once it goes by you never get it back.

How can we have our day go in a right direction?

When the alarm rings in the morning, most of us have a habit of hitting the snooze again and again. Then, after several times of hitting the snooze, you realize that you really need to get out of your cosy bed. But, since you are quite late, that will make you feel grouchy. Then, everything will go wrong. You won’t be able to find the objects that you are looking for, you will start yelling at people around you which later on will make you feel guilty about that. You grouch at people who call you just to say good morning and wish you a good day. Then, the whole day will be a nightmare.

If you want to be victorious, you have to get over all your habits which pull you back

I think everybody would say “I am not a morning person”. But, you know what, all the blessings are coming in the morning. Mornings are fresh start of the day. Your entire day relies on how you start your morning. If you go to bed early, and have enough sleep, your mornings will head beautifully.

Whatever comes to my way, I am up for it

There are some people who sit at the kitchen table, sipping their morning coffee, and try to find reasons to be mad at people. Instead of getting all the blessings from the freshness of the morning, they think about people to tick off. I am fully aware that they way we welcome our day, will shape our day in the exact way we start. So, put a big smile on your face and say GOOD MORNING ┬áto each other. And follow your greeting with the magical sentence “It’s good to see you today”. Then you will see how the molecule will change in the atmosphere.

This is going to be a very good DAY and I am expecting something good to happen to me today.

What are you thankful for?

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