Find Your Balance and Get rid of Your Addictions in Life

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© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationAll of us from time to time feel overwhelmed. We feel like we do not do anything productive. The reason to feel like that is only because we get involved in so many activities. For example, I have a Tuesday night program at home where I do Pilates. Then, I have another activity placed for Wednesday evening, and then another one for the following days. “My Goodness”, I have to be able to make a lot of time for all these activities and lesson preparations forget that I am taking up courses that requires me to study, preparation for upcoming courses. Aaaarghhhhh!!!

If you aren’t in good health, you will not be able to achieve any of your missions. I boldly suggest that you stop doing a lot of activities at the same time and start to enjoy every single moment of your life doing one thing at a time.

Instead of watching TV, plan some trips and outings that include a physical activity such as hiking, walking, running, jogging, biking or some extreme sports like paragliding.:)

Stop smoking if you do

I know all the smokers think about the same thing now. They might say, But Sevi you have never smoked and do not know what is to be addicted. My question is are you that weak to be addicted!!! There is nothing good about smoking but it causes cancer, gives you bad breath, gets on fabrics, costs money!!!

It’s OK to have all these feelings such as smoking, lazing around. But, you must stop feeding your feelings. The more you repeat them, the more they will grow. Before long you will get addicted to it and have no way to over come it. Because addictions are growing giants inside your body. My question is “Do you really want to grow the enemy in your body? Or, do you love your body and do not let anything gives harm to it?”

In what ever area you grow your feelings, it’s going to become strong in your life. That is the same thing with our attitudes. If you easily get frustrated at work or get impatient in traffic, these attitudes of you will grow and grow, and may be one day you will find yourself doing nothing but fighting with everybody.

If you want to get out of all these addictions, you must quit feeding them. I can hear you all saying that it’s not easy to get rid of all these addictions. I am here to tell you into your face that is “really really very easy”.

At first it will be very difficult. Your flesh will holler and scream, and refuse to do it most of them time. But, if you keep being strong and disciplining yourself, next time when you tempt to do it, it will be a bit easy to refuse.

Just like building up your muscles!!! Please remove yourself from addictions, and feel free and clean. Instead of feeding your enemy, please build up your self control.

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