Final Exam-Vocabulary

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1. Choose the best word from the brackets to complete the text.


Karina is  (Mexico / Mexican) but she lives and works in London. She started her job last year,  (in / at) April. She loves her work. She sells special-interest holidays. It’s  (an export / a niche) market and she really enjoys the work of planning specialised tours for clients. The company is very small. It  (employs / supplies) only four people and they all work in one office. This makes (print / face-to-face) communication very easy. They can talk to each other at any time.

Next week, she’s moving to a new flat because her old one is  (too far / far enough) from the office. She’s a very  (punctual / practical) person – she likes to be on time – and the long journey to work was difficult. She had a lot of problems with train and bus delays. She’s also buying some new furniture for the flat. She doesn’t have a lot of money so she paid a  (deposit / deal) of ten per cent and she’ll make monthly payments. The furniture will be delivered next week.

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2. Complete the conversations with words and phrases from the box.

a sales conference     a tip                 a workforce      an order           annual leave     booking                        stock                the receipt

Conversation 1

A         Kevin has organised  for 25th–26th July.

B          I know. And I’m planning to return from my holiday on 27th July!

A         Oh, no. Can you change your holiday  ?

B          I’m not sure.

Conversation 2

A         How big is your company?

B          Big! It has  of about 18,000 people.

A         How much  do you get each year?

B          Three weeks.

Conversation 3

A         I’d like to place  for 100 boxes of item 20091. Are the goods in  ?

B          Yes, they are.

Conversation 4

A         Do you have  from dinner last night? I need it for my expense records.

B          Yes, here it is.

A         Did you leave  for the waiter?

B          No, I didn’t. I thought you did!

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