Feel The Excellence On The Inside

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IMG_1024“Feel the excellence on the inside”

What a productive week I had. I signed up for a new high level coaching program “Monetize Your Message”. Some of you might ask “Why do you always enroll courses?”. Well, I would like to invite you to think that the more you learn the more you want to improve yourself so that you can help others change their lives. Take a leap of faith. You need to “sharpen your saw” continually, and keep yourself updated so that you can add more to your life. Don’t be the “coach potato”, be the one admired by others. I feel so good to be a student sometimes. As a very first assignment, I cleared all the clutter at home with the help of my fabulous hard working cleaner. I chucked in everything that is littering the place. I realized that I was holding on to old books, worksheets, which I haven’t touched for a year. I worked really hard. But, I absolutely made time for nice lunches and dinners in my neighborhood.

I must share how inspired I feel when I see my students start putting into practice what they learn straight ahead.
Life is full of beauties, and there is always room for improvement. Don’t get stuck on the same level. Look for ways that you can get better.

Sometimes we are too lazy to take care of ourselves. We are too busy to clean the house or wash our cars. When somebody is watching we perform one way, but when nobody is watching we cut corners, and take the easy way out. Feel the excellence on the inside, and don’t get pulled into the average mentality.

Keep everything in your house well organized, and neat. Everything that belongs to you represents you. Try to keep everything spotless. Your house must be the one to stand out among all other houses.

You might live among people who are not very clean or well organized. Everybody around you might be indifferent and a bit lazy, don’t let their ways rub off on you.
Try you to become an example to all of them inviting them to your world of perfection. Don’t make excuses like “Yes but today is Sunday, I will get better tomorrow”, take this challenge to come up to a higher level of excellence, and be the person of excellence acting right now.

There are some times that we don’t feel like taking care of ourselves, especially if we have to wake up very early in the morning. I used to commute by train a year ago. Every morning I would observe people walking to the station and getting on the train. Most of them were so sloppy and dirty. I couldn’t stand the smell in the train cars. I would wonder why nobody didn’t take care of their look and hygiene. Being neat is not about being poor or rich, it’s all about being healthy and a respect to ourselves. When you go out it doesn’t matter whether you wear a suit or a pair of shorts, make sure you look the best that you possibly can.

Wherever you are, represent yourself in a way that you are proud of. Take some time to make yourself look as good as could be. When you dress your child, and get her/him ready to school, make sure that you are as perfect as you could. Make sure that your hair is combed and styled, your make up is glamorous, and they are perfect match with your dress. Take your time to look as good as I you can.

I hear very often from my students in Italy saying that when you live in small towns and go around nicely dressed, people start talking behind your back. My suggestion is let them talk, and keep being your best. Don’t let yourself fall into their level, encourage them to become like you, distinctive and proud. Excellence is ingrained in you. When I see a piece of paper on the floor, I always pick it up. If you feel the excellence on the inside, you try to make excellent everything around, too.

Make a habit of changing yourself from time to time. Enjoy your time being with yourself. Go shopping, have some coffee time with your friends. Bless yourself with a relaxing massage, and get rid of your extra pounds with a hard work-out program. Never let yourself get stuck in what you don’t like about yourself. Work on it, and you will see how your life will change with a minor adjustment. Hatch from the egg, and sail to directions you would like to go.

Don’t go around sloppy. Take care of your outfit. Don’t try to find excuses not to look great but find some good models in life, and try to be like them. Don’t insist in wearing the same clothes which you bought 20 years ago. Go and get something new, and change your outfit.

I always consider myself under spot lights and make it sure to look great. Even around the house, make sure that you look great to your husband/wife. Girls, get your husband’s credit card, and go to the shopping mall. And cheer yourself with some new beautiful clothes.:) The sloppier you are, the less productive you will become. Even when you are at home, keep yourself fresh and nicely dressed. Don’t forget that it’s the respect you show to yourself.

You deserve the beauties and all the blessings. Why should you stand for something that you are not happy with.


Sevi, Your English Teacher and Life Mentor



to sign up (v): to join, to participate

a leap of faith (n): Act of blind trust

to sharpen your saw (idiom): to improve yourself continuously

coach potato (idiom): a person who likes killing his time watching TV.

clutter (n): confusion, mess

to chuck in (v): to throw away (the meaning in the article)

litter (n): garbage

to tmake time (v): to provide some free time

to get stuck (v): to be unable to make progress

neat (adj): clean

sloppy (adj): not clean

work-out (n): warm-up

to hatch (v): to emerge from an egg, to get out of

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