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I would like to start my article with the story of two frogs.

YES !!! You got it right. It is the story about two frogs, which are completely opposite characters. Now lean back on your chair and enjoy your reading…

IMG_1557Once upon a time, there were two frogs, one of which was very inspired, and liked exploring new places. One day, they fell into a big pail full of milk. They pedaled and splashed, but they couldn’t get out of the pail because it was steep and slick. One of the frogs after several kicks gave up and drowned. The other one had a vision. He pictured himself outside the pail and didn’t give up. He didn’t know how he would get out, but he pictured himself jumping out of the pail. After an hour of splashing, spinning and pedaling he churned the milk into butter. And he effortlessly hopped out of the pail. The difference between the two frogs was that one of them gave up believing that they will not be able to get out of the pail while the other one tried again and again. You don’t have to figure out how it will happen when you have a vision. The only thing you have to do is to believe. Had the frog not pictured himself out of the pail, he would have given up like the other one.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions” Albert Einstein

Decide what you want, believe that you will have it, and believe that you deserve it!

And close your eyes for couple of minutes every day. Visualize having what you want and feeling the feeling of having it. And, just trust that the universe will manifest it.

People with a small vision get stuck in a rut.

They don’t see themselves accomplishing their dreams, being promoted, living healthy. They just see more of the same. What you visualize now is what you will materialize.

You need to see it on the inside before it comes to outside.

Life sometimes tries to push us down. When we experience some difficulties, our vision narrows down. You let the life set the limits. I very often see people saddle for mediocrity because of the economical crisis we have been facing. If you keep your vision high, you will learn how to stand out in the crowd, and do what it takes to reach your goals in your vision picture. It’s easy to lay back and come up with a lot of excuses that prevent us from achieving our goals on our vision board today. But, you need to get out of your comfort zone if you really want to follow your dreams. Nothing comes out from the sky. You need to do what it takes to reach your vision picture.

There are people we call them coach potatoes who go home after work and watch the same depressing TV shows week after week and wonder why nothing is better in their life. If you want to enlarge your vision, you need to get out of your limited environment. Put yourself somewhere bigger than you are right now. What limits us is a lack of vision.

It makes you different who you associate with.

Get around people who talk about success and accomplishments but not problems. Expand your vision. Small-minded people get jealous. Don’t be insecure, but be inspired.

What does your picture you visualize look like?

Do you see yourself rising higher, being promoted, opening your dream business, buying your dream house, overcoming obstacles, living an abundant life or is the picture you visualize all about struggling, giving up, feeling defeated, not overcoming your addiction or feeling overwhelmed.

If your vision is limited, your life will be limited, too.

You have to protect your vision. The picture you allow in your mind will determine what kind of life you are going to have. Before you lose the weight, before you break the addiction, you have to see it happening in your imagination.

The picture you keep in front of you, your vision, not only drops down into your spirit, but it gets into your subconscious mind.

When something is in the subconscious without even thinking about it, just like gravity, it will pull you toward you. Many people have negative images in their subconscious mind. They see themselves weak and defeated. And they wonder why always feels like something is pulling against them. If your vision is small then your life will be small, too. They always struggle. They never feel good about themselves because they have the wrong images.

If you change those pictures, and start seeing yourself blessed, prosperous, healthy, strong, talented, successful, then instead of having something pulling against you, they will be pulling for you. You will be moving towards blessing, promotion, increase. See yourself moving to your dream house, getting married, all the unseen forces will begin to move into your direction.

When your vision is negative, the life will follow to that same direction.

Sometimes it’s too difficult to think about something positive while we are hurting. You might not feel like doing anything, but don’t sit around and allow that self-pity. You have to shake off the disappointment and get the fresh new vision. Don’t let your life slip through your fingers. Your life is not over because your partner left you. If you take the new vision, instead of having a setback you will have a set up.



a pail /peɪl/ (n): a bucket

steep /ˈstiːp/ (adj): sharp, high

slick /slɪk/ (adj): slippery

to churn /tʃɜːn/ (v): to mix milk until it becomes butter

to narrow/ˈnær.əʊ/ (v): to make something less wide

self-pity/ˌselfˈpɪt.i/ (n): feeling sorry for oneself

Don’t let your life slip through your fingers: Don’t lose the opportunity, make an effort.

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