Exercise 1

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Complete The Sentences

1- I get up at 5:30 every day so I am used to ___________ early. (wake up)

2- Paul is not very social. He isn’t used to __________ at night. (go out)

3- I didn’t used to ________ to that place before. (go)

4- I used to ________ in Switzerland years ago but now I found another work in Italy. (work)

5-Simon is always late for work. He must get used to ____________ his house earlier. Otherwise the boss will fire him. (leave)

6- I don’t know how to get used to ________ the violin. (play)

7- As the oldest child of the family, he is used to _________ after his siblings. (look)

Prepared By Your English Teacher Sevi 🙂


1- waking up

2- going out

3- go

4- work

5- leaving

6- playing

7- looking

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