Don’t give up on your dreams

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IMG_2176Teaching talent has been such a gift, a blessing more than I have ever imagined. But no one other than teachers can truly understand the overjoy that comes from giving %100 of yourself all of the time. When you are sick, you have to pull up to even more than %100 because there are yummy students, come to you not only to improve their English but change their life vision. They save their money to learn more and grow, and build up their skills. I love working with my students who have goals to improve their English and have a better life. I feel a sense of responsibility, a sense of obligation, a sense of respect of honor for all my students. And, can I just admit that I have the yummiest students!!!

The reason I made the decision to open my school is because I believe that people deserve to have value centered inspirational teaching. I feel that I have a lot to offer. I like improving myself, strengthening my skills and sharing my knowledge with my yummy students. Books have always been my best friends. I like working with ordinary people who can do extraordinary things.

My sincere advice to you is search for your why

And, then clarify your intention.

You need to have positive expectation. You must fully expect it to get it.

Take an action

A lot of times you have ideas but you don’t do anything about it. Then some years later you see some people do something about it, you regret not doing it at that time. So when you have the inspirational ideas, don’t wait for a second, just ACT!

You don’t have to see the whole route when you drive somewhere. Be your own GPS. The more you go further, the more the road will unfold in front of you. You just have to see the next step. And, if you get taking the next step, eventually you will be guided to the next, and next, and next step.

What happens when you take all these actions with courage?

When you are vibrating at the level of 100% expectancy, the universe literally responds.If you just hold the expectancy, like attracts like. When you want something, let’s call it a pizza. Imagine you are in a restaurant, and you ask “A pizza please?” Then the waiter asks back “Excuse me, could you repeat please?” And, if you say “Never mind!” Do you think that the waiter will bring you a pizza? Never! You have got to create a space mentally to hold this vision you have got which requires expectation and knowing that the perfect thing is on the way.

Who do you spend your most time with?

Positive people or negative people? if your friends are victims and their life is not working, that reflects them back. If you are working or hanging out with people at a high level, that reflects them back, too. Always try to hang out with people that are next level up. If you want to be more spiritual, go out with people who are more spiritual.

Decide what you want

You can’t get from one place to another unless you know where you are and where you want to go. You need to set a measurable goal! Dream big. Big dreams are exciting. Big dreams attract big people.

What are your goals in your business or career?

IMG_2154As you all know I am an English teacher and I have my own beautiful school. Years ago at a certain point I realized that I wasn’t free enough to give exactly what I want to give to my students. In fact all of my private students from the past years didn’t only learn how to speak fluent English but they followed their dreams and they achieved them!But, unfortunately, it didn’t work with my other students from the schools that I worked because I couldn’t teach them anything but what it was written on the course books. I wouldn’t teach them how to set up goals because that wasn’t in the course program. Claudia was my first private student in Italy. When we started to enroll English lessons together, I had asked what she really wanted to do. And I remember as it was today, she had said that she wanted to live in Australia. And, we both focused on her goal and really worked hard to do what it takes to reach her goal! We didn’t mind working together for the IELTS exam even on Sundays! IELTS is the International English Language Testing System which tests English proficiency across the globe. There were moments when she thought about giving up on her dreams. Sometimes we stumbled but we never gave up! And today she is in Australia successfully passed her IELTS exam and settled in. On the way to your goal process you will encounter a lot of problems, but, if you don’t give up, you will enjoy every minute of being on the peak of the mountain once you reach!

Write you goals on the back of your business cards and carry it with you at all times

And, everyday try to do something about your goal which you think that will bring you closer to it. Be specific with you goals. Imagine yourself in a travel agency, the sales assistant will ask you where you would like to go and when. Your brain works in the same way. So, when you dream about something be specific, what would you like, and by when would you like it. If you become clearer about what you want, your brain will know what to do.