Do not let anyone talk you out of following through on your goals

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We all make plans in life, but sometimes they don’t go in our way. Those are the times when we need to pray and say that God has something better for me. We need to believe that something bigger is coming our way. We mustn’t let anyone talk us out of following through on our goals.

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Once, I remember we went on vacation on Easter time with my family hoping to have some sunny days together after a heavy winter. We planned to go to the beach, run in the water, hang out at the pool. But, when we got up the next morning we were surprised with a foggy, dimmed sky. It was all dull. We waited and waited for hours, but it was horrible. We were sitting in the room with sweaters and hugging with the blankets. Then, we decided to go for a walk so that we could have at least some fresh air. The more we walked, the more the sun was showing up.


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Only 3 miles away, the sun was in the sky with all its beauty. Apparently, there was only a pocket of fog about a 2-3 mile radius right at the place we were staying. If we had kept waiting for the fog to leave, we would have never been able to see the sun.


Take an action to get rid of the fog

There are a lot of people today, who are waiting for the fog to leave instead of enjoying their life. When we get discouraged and frustrated, nothing will change in our life. The more depressed we get, the worse our life will become. May be right now, you are waiting that your partner will change, may be you are trying to lose weight, but the way just doesn’t seem to come off. Get out of your comfort zone, and make your wishes come true even if they look impossible.

© Copyright 2013 CorbisCorporationFog settles down when we go into difficulties in life

When you go to work everyday, you might get discouraged because of seeing your grouchy boss instead of seeing people with smile on their face. If your boss makes you miserable, he does not make miserable only you but also all the people around you. The problem is not you but him/her. Do not get discouraged. Burst yourself with joy, have fun. When you sit in the fog, you will never able to see the sunshine. If you can just walk 5 miles down the street, your life will change. Get out where it is foggy and move towards the sun.

DSC03228Stop saying YES to everybody

Unfortunately, some people sacrifice their own happiness in order to make other people happy. Take the control of your happiness. It’s good to hear some people say that you make them happy. But, don’t forget that you are responsible to make yourself happy, and these people around you will be happy just because you are in their life. If they are not, it’s because they are not your real friends but manipulators. Your life is too valuable to go throughout life letting people control you. When you try to support everybody who needs you, you are not really helping them but you are becoming a crutch. These people will never gain a self confidence if you keep being their troubleshooter.

You are the most important person in the world. Seize your day and wake up to another beautiful day. Surround yourself with people who are happy just because you are in their life, not because you always try to make them happy!!! Life is really short. 

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