Conquer Your Stage – Program for Leaders

/Conquer Your Stage – Program for Leaders


Gain Clarity in Your Message

Does and Don’ts in Chairing Meetings & Public Speaking

Create Connection with Your Audience

How to generate and maintain a high level of energy to hold the audience’s attention through the whole presentation.

Correcting Breathing during your speech

How to vary your voice pitch and pace and use mostly short sentences, dynamic words, onomatopoeia and active verbs during presentation.

How to Look Awesome on Camera

Trick and Tips to attract your virtual audience


Step by step modules which will bring you to Win Win Leading Meetings.

Ground Yourself - Practice Your Breathing

There are two physical skills that are most crucial to effective public speaking:

  • grounding and breathing

Fuel your power with correct grounding and breathing for a peak presentation.



Express your ideas effectively – and make a powerful impression on your audience

In today’s day and age, we are all busy and buried with a lot of work. Being brief and direct is what everybody expect from the speaker in a meeting. By using the right techniques, you can attract your audience in the shortest time.

Presentation Skills & Media Training

Being prepared with the right tools and powerful content can help you deliver your message across easily. This stage is the most effective part of the course.



Gain confidence in front of the camera

Techniques to attract your audience by speaking through the camera lenses.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for Company Representatives, Team Leader who accepts the leadership challenges, knows the importance of goal setting, planning and prioritizing and eager to develop effect teams by making an impact with their message.

The length of the Program

10 meetings (each meeting lasts 1.5 hours)

€1299 (VAT excluded)

Confidence in Presentation and Chairing meetings
Developing your team leading skills
Making an impact with the power of your voice
Building connection with your audience
Boosting your vocabulary
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