Rituals define us

//Rituals define us

If you see somebody in a really good shape, you ask them if they work out, and you already know the answer is “Yes!” “-How often?” “It’s four times, five times, six times a week..” whatever… You don’t get a result without some kind of action, without ritual. Rituals means actions you do consistently. You see people working out five days a week. Do you think that they have more time than you do? Of course not! Are they less busy? Of course not! It’s just a must for them. They must work-out, that way and they’ve made that turn and their life changed.

So, I am not saying you have to work-out five days a week, I am just saying whatever you really want, do whatever it takes to reach that. Whatever you identify, this is who you are. Instead of your goals to lose five pounds which is not compelling, what if your vision was to get back to your fighting weight. Make it consistent, think how vibrant, energetic, stronger than before you will become. The real push to it can be because you want the energy to really make your life work. It’s tough out there and you really need to be stronger. If you identify yourself in a new way, and you own that every day and that becomes the standard how you live, you will find a way to make that standard real.

Money is the same way. It doesn’t matter what’s happening in the world. People that make money find a way to make money. Most people’s standard is to pay their bills, to make the ends meet. So that’s what most people find a way to do. Some people’s standard is not just to pay their bills but to take care of their family and may be even some of their friends. Think about a situation that some people work every day from dawn to dusk their guts out, and then somebody, their mother, their father, somebody else gets ill, and there is not enough money to take care of them. They find a way to get that money, they take care of the person who is ill, don’t they? They never could do it before. Why? The situation made them raise their own standard. Not everybody does that! Someone can have enough money and they still don’t take care of their mother. It all comes down to the inner game, changing your life is a change in the inner game. The outside world you cannot control, but you have an absolute control over YOUR INNER WORLD if you learn the dynamics of what shapes you. And, identity is one of those simple clear fundamental basics that if you start to shift it, everything else will shift in your life as well. I know that it sounds overly simplistic, but it’s true.

I just want you to engrave these three magic words in you.


You get excited and are disciplined in the beginning but you don’t follow through it. It’s because you didn’t backup your standards with what makes those standards real, and that’s rituals.


Take everything into bite-size steps, little things you do each day, that after you do them, you get so much momentum that it’s easy to succeed. You are not overwhelmed, you have this victory, day after day after day.




  • The first step is figuring an area that really matters. Decide on that area. Write down what your life is like in that area right now specifically as possible.
  • The second step is to think about the rituals that have put you there?
  • The third step is “What do you want?” what’s your vision? Be really specific
  • And the last step is “What are the rituals that will get you there?”

Willpower doesn’t last but rituals can last lifetime.

Don’t start on the new year

Start now …


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